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Olga Yurovski

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Olga Yurovski is a CPG marketing veteran who successfully converted her skills into technology entrepreneurship. Olga’s marketing career was in brand marketing, consumer promotions, shopper marketing, and category management and analytics at companies like P&G, Brown & Williamson, and Conagra Brands.

In 2014, she started Shopperations, an enterprise cloud software that automates her old CPG job by offering marketers a modern way to manage their budgets, marketing planning process, generate calendars and accurate reporting, and streamline post-program analysis. She and her team successfully deployed their software at multiple companies, both large like General Mills and startups like Vital Farms.

Schedule a Conversation with Olga if you need help with:

  • Establishing a new commerce (shopper) marketing capability
  • Streamlining your marketing process and operations
  • Leading digital enterprise transformation
  • Building transparency & trust with your matrix organization

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