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Cindy Parette

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For the last 30 years Cindy has faithfully climbed the Merchandising, Logistics, and Direct Importing ladder for the Fortune One Company Walmart. Utilizing her natural ability to foresee potential problems, Cindy relied on her meticulous organization of resources and task prioritizing to adequately deliver projects to their end. This discipline not only insured the success for her company, but also created a safe and reliable work environment for the team of associates she led as well.

Cindy is currently the principal license holder for HD Customs Brokers, a client centric business focused on helping small to mid-sized companies successfully import their goods and products into the United States.

Whether you are new to importing or have questions regarding the customs process, import/export logistics or the Walmart Direct Import process, connect with Cindy Parette, a licensed Customs Broker, and benefit from her 30 years of experience!

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