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Brent Tininenko

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Brent served Walmart in various leadership positions in the US and International Divisions which focused on Private Brands, Global Sourcing, Leverage, and Strategy over a fourteen year period.

He leveraged these experiences and led Fred’s Inc. in a turn-a-round situation as VP of Merchandising and Private Brands.

At Fred’s, he transformed the merchandising team to deliver on sales and margins goals and developed a robust private brand that reconnected the Fred’s customer to the brand.

While at Walmart, he led the leverage and acceleration of Private Brands outside of the U.S. and aligned the direction of the International Markets with the US to leverage volume and costs in Global Sourcing from China, Southeast Asia, India, and Mexico.

Prior to Walmart, Tininenko worked at Daymon Worldwide, a leader in global private brands, where his last position was General Manager of the Asia Pacific Region, located in Sydney, Australia.

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