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Greg Spragg

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Mr. Spragg is a highly accomplished retail executive with broad merchandising and operations experience. He has been an advisor to large scale retail, start-ups, specialty retail, turnarounds, global private equity, consumer goods and brand management firms.

Mr. Spragg has held senior level executive positions at the Walmart Stores, Inc., Sam’s Club division where he also served on the Walmart Executive Committee for seven years. While at Sam’s Club, he separately led the Merchandising/Replenishment and Operations organizations. He was known for a focus on results, leading process transformation and a commitment to integrity, service and excellence earning him the distinguished, Sam M. Walton Award of Excellence. He led successful corporate initiatives in packaging and fair trade through a genuine commitment to sustainable business practices.

Prior to his 10-year stint at Sam’s Club, he held multiple C-Suite positions for two separate Ahold, USA divisions.

Mr. Spragg is a Member of the National Association of Corporate Directors.
He has served as board member of the Center for Retailing Excellence at the University of Arkansas Walton School of Business.
He has extensive board leadership experience in the non-profit sector and is serving as an advisory board member for privately held companies.

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