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Rapid Retailing

Helping Teams Get, Grow, and Stay On the Shelves of Top Retailers

A Gathering Place & Resource Center

During more than 40 years of service in leadership roles with Procter & Gamble and Walmart, Mike Graen has made a career out of leveraging technology to solve big business problems.

As he began looking for ways to give back, Mike partnered with Conversations on Retail to create the On Shelf Availability group, and to launch, serving as a gathering place and resource center that supports the industry in tackling one of its most persistent problems.

Specializing in technologies and processes that measure and improve On Shelf Availability, Mike spends the majority of his time working with people and teams all over the country that are interested in his help with:

  • On Shelf Availability – How to measure and deploy resources to fix
  • Algorithm solutions to identify OSA issues with high-velocity categories
  • Shelf Scanning Robot solutions for retailers to identify Out of stock, pricing, and incorrect item issues
  • RFID – 20+ years of experience with RFID in the Retail supply chain
  • In-store Audits – Data capture of OSA issues
  • Fixed camera solutions
  • Computer Vision / recognition solution providers.
We really appreciate Mike’s partnership, leadership, and advocacy for the industry.  If there is anything that he can do to support you and your team, please do not hesitate to contact him directly, by emailing

Thought Leadership

Mike welcomes his colleagues from industry and academia to join him in contributing insights and commentary aimed at helping the community progress.

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For decades, retailers and their suppliers have left billions of dollars on the table as they’ve struggled to

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