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Rapid Retailing

Sales Representation... Reimagined.

A Fresh Perspective

The world’s top actors, athletes, models, and musicians are all represented by agents who look after their interests.

These agents work hard to expose their clients to the people and opportunities that are most likely to help them achieve both their short and long-term goals and objectives.

At Rapid Retailing, we are bringing that same “talent management mindset” to the consumer goods industry, helping the brands we represent not only get and keep their products on retailers’ shelves and websites, but also learn how to run more successful and sustainable companies.

For Consumer Brands

Recognizing that no single sales representative (or sales agency) could possibly keep up with every category at every retailer, we’ve developed a better, more reliable, and more scalable approach that connects brands with category expertise on a retailer by retailer basis.

Partner with us and watch your business grow!

More than a matchmaking service, we actively invest in our clients’ long-term success, offering them free access to ongoing training, mentorship, and network building opportunities.

For Sales Representatives

You’ve worked hard to develop category expertise and relationships with decision makers and influencers at key retailers.

We’ll help you maximize your return on time, allowing you to focus on products and retailers where you can make a lot happen quickly.

Create a profile, then begin competing for opportunities to partner with brands on the basis of your unique experience and relationships.